5 Easy Tips for Following the Mediterranean Diet

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It’s long been touted that Mediterranean cultures such as Italy and Greece are healthier, live longer and have lower rates of heart disease. Many researchers attribute this to their diet. As one of the healthiest diets in the world, the Mediterranean diet primarily consists of lean sources of protein, lots of fruit and vegetables, and oils low in saturated fat.

Here are 5 easy ways you can start following the Mediterranean diet, and live healthier today:

  1. Lower your intake of red meat.

The Mediterranean diet promotes lean, white meat such as chicken, turkey, and fish. As this diet was born on the Mediterranean Sea, it especially promotes eating fish 2-3 times a week. Fatty fish in particular, such as tuna, are rich in omega-3s, which are linked with improved heart health.

  1. Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

It probably seems like you hear this with every diet, but the Mediterranean diet recommends 4+ servings of fruits and vegetables every single day. The difference is, this diet is not particularly picky about which ones you choose. What it does advocate is choosing vegetables and fruits in lots of different colors so you can be sure to get a wide variety of vitamins and antioxidants.

  1. Switch to whole-grains.

Many diets advise cutting out carbs completely, but not the Mediterranean diet! In fact, this diet recommends 2+ servings of grains every single day. The catch is it must be whole grains. This means no refined carbs such as white bread. Once you start looking for them in the grocery store, you’ll find it easier than you think to switch your diet to only buying whole grains.

  1. Use Olive Oil instead of butter.

Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fat which studies show is good for your heart. Rather than using butter or vegetable oil for cooking and baking, switch to olive oil. 

  1. Enjoy a glass of red wine with your meal.

Finally, perhaps the best part of the Mediterranean diet, you are advised to consume one to two glasses of red wine (but no more!) per meal. Alcohol can raise “good” cholesterol, and wine in particular can thin the blood, which makes it less prone to clotting. Red wine also contains healthy antioxidants that prevent your arteries clogging and prevent cancer.

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